First Post: The Truth Will Set You Free

The “conservative” neocon movement/cult of our Great Country believes the terms “liberal” and “progressive” are disparaging. Apparently, in their cloud of ignorance and dogma, they fail to realize that these terms are analogous with advancement, promotion, and progress. The “conservative” neocon cult want to convert this Great Nation into a zealot paranoid nation of drones and sheeple who cannot and will not question those who, apparently, reside in seats of “leadership”. More precisely, if those seats of “leadership” are filled by an individual carrying an (R) next to their name.

The zealots have had their “little run” and left behind a nation divided wider then Moses at the Red Sea and the Grand Canyon combined. They have left behind death, destruction, debt, and utter and complete failure. We, the progressives, must and shall begin to take back our Great Country in 2007 and continue in 2008. Nov 2006 was just the start. We can not sit back quietly and hope for the best in the future. We cannot be satisfied and lazy. We must be pro-active and continue to fight back for our country.

It’s time to make our Great Country what our fore-fathers and-mothers wanted Her to be, a shining beacon of light that the World respected, feared out of respect (and not thuggish dubyah-like terror), and looked towards for guidance. So, in closing of my first post my fellow Americans, Progressives, Liberals, Moderates, and Independents, let us not fear or hate or worry. Jesus was a Liberal, and this Great Country is inherently progressive, so lift your knowledge filled and I.Q. rich brains and let us take back and lead our Country.

~Dr. Matt


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