Welcome Back to America!

As a new day dawns on the United States, brought with it is a fresh start, and on this particular day comes a fresh start for America.

Welcome back to oversight.

Welcome back to investigations.

Welcome back to checks and balances.

Democracy is a wonderful thing, and it’s on a day like to today that you can feel the ultimate pride of living in such a wonderful system.

Here’s to the end of Bush 43’s unfettered rule, and to living in a one-party system for 6 long, painful years!

Update (H/T to C&L for the video): Swearing in of the New Senate!

Update II
(H/T again to C&L): Nancy Pelosi becomes the first woman in the history of the United States to become Speaker of the House.


One Response to Welcome Back to America!

  1. Dr. Matt says:

    Amen! But, does the 110th Congress have the guts to stop Bush? Only time will tell.

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