White House Surprised No One Questioned Pelosi and Bush’s Work Relationship Because of Her Gender

And Republicans wonder why Affirmative Action is still necessary.

When discussing how Bush and Pelsoi will work togther, White House spokesman Tony Fratto said Pelosi will be considered “an equal leader in government”, and that “There are no questions of whether they sit and talk as equals,” adding, “I think it’s impressive that no one has any questions of whether they can work together regardless of gender.” (H/T CNN)

Why in the world would anyone question whether a man and woman can work together? Where does this Fratto come from? 1952?

This type of thinking does not bode well for a nation that is supposed to pride itself on its equality. No wonder we haven’t had a female president to date – there are still assholes like Fratto wondering if men and women can work together.


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