Pat Robertson Predicts Mass Killing

As reported earlier, Pat Robertson, the wing-nut extraordinaire, is predicting Armageddon is on the way for ’07 after having a conversation with God. Right-wing Watch has the full transcript. Here is the video:


One Response to Pat Robertson Predicts Mass Killing

  1. tawhid99 says:

    It is unfortunate that there are apparently no laws to deal with religious phonies and psycho-terrorists like Pat Robertson, who incite fear and terror far more than Osama bin Laden has done. When this clown talks with “GOD” who’s to say he’s not just chatting up some two-bit demon? And what is the purpose of his little “vision” if not to terrorize and thereby gain more power from the fearful and ignorant? He offers no plan, no actions to counter his hellish vision. A sane person would just lay it all to a bad dream and shut the hell up.

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