Happy Valentine’s Day Dr. Matt!

A few of Dr. Matt’s fans approached me this week, expressing desire to do something nice for him on Valentine’s Day. So, the ever wonderful ET wrote this lovely poem, dedicated to Dr. Matt on this Valentine’s Day!

You can leave your Valentine’s Day wishes in the comments below.

A Sonnet For Dr. Matt

We’ve got a Valentine that we adore.
His name is Dr. Matt, of blogging fame;
He always keeps us coming back for more.
There’s only ONE of him, which is a shame.

His insights make us dizzy with delight,
He wins our hearts with his mysterious eyes.
He slams wingnuttery by day and night
As we read on, and heave romantic sighs.

We love his wit, his charm, his buff physique,
His warm caresses, his incisive brain –
And if for truths more intimate you’d seek?
There is NO standard he does not maintain!

So, Dr. Matt, we send this poem to you,
With Love – your Newshound Valentine ladies true.


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