Fox"News" Website Obsesses Over Gore’s Son

As of 6:15 ET on July 5th, the main page of the fox”news” website has four links related to Al Gore’s son.

I took snapshots of the [propaganda] web page and broke up the page into two different files with each showing two links to the [non-]story. Click on the thumbnails for the full sized file:

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

But, here is a shrunken version of the main page showing all four links at once:

Free Image Hosting at

Is this the hard-hitting “news” that the far right so desires? Apparently so! No wonder the right-wing is notoriously uniformed when it comes to world events, facts, knowledge, and reason.

Update I: As of 11:00 am ET (July 6th), the fox “news” website still has two links to the Gore [non-]story. One link is listed under the “Health” section of the web page which includes stories pertaining to:

* Wine May Curb Cavities
* HIV Cases in India Less Than Half of Previous…
* 43 Treated for Meningitis at Rainbow Gathering
* Burger King to Cut the Trans Fat
* Cues May Signal Autism in Tots as Young as 14 Mos.
* West Nile Identified in Connecticut Mosquitoes

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