Terrorist Fist Jabs: Terrorists Are Everywhere!

As noted earlier, that inept excuse for a cable “news” station (i.e. Faux “News”) accused Michelle and Barack of performing a “terrorist fist jab” prior to Barack’s “victory” speech as the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee. So, I decided to provide a dedicated blog entry to expose all the other terrorist fist jabbers out there and hope to add more as we, good Americans, track-down and identify these scoundrels:

Young American gymnast terrorists

Baseball terrorists

More baseball terrorists

Football players and young white boy terrorists

American Idol terrorists

Harry Connick Jr, the terrorist

Senator Terrorists Feinstein (D-CA) and Hutchison (R-TX)

Cartoon terrorists

Old White Men Playing Golf Terrorists

Some sort of terrorist fist jabbing training tool for our youth

Terrorist Polar Bears (perhaps this is why right-wingers want to destroy the artic?)

Ricky Bobby aka Terroristy Bobby

LIEbermann (I-Israel) the Independent terrorist

The Original Terrorist Fist Jab

U.S. Soldier terrorists
Watch the very end of the commercial.

Bud Light exposes that the terrorist jab is out of fashion

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