You might be a terrorist if….

From the HuffPo:

Now that Michelle and Barack Obama have been exposed as Osama’s lackeys due to their foolishly giving each other the terrorist fist jab so common in al-Qaeda and Hamas circles, we can finally rest easy, safe in the knowledge that this mole that the terrorists cleverly hid away in a Christian church for several decades will never see the inside of the White House. Why the Obamas displayed this well-known terrorist secret handshake so publicly will probably never be known, until they confess under duress at Guantanamo of course, but best not to think about that too hard. Victory’s on the march, after all. The Obamas are only the latest terror-sympathizing fifth columnists to be revealed to the world. Just a few days before the Obamas shamelessly revealed their desire for never-ending jihad with a shocked American public, fellow terrorist Rachael Ray was caught red-handed wearing a Sharia-inspired scarf. The terrorists seems to be everywhere these days, what with their running for president and shilling for donutmongers. But as long as we all make like Michelle Malkin and keep our eyes open, wary for the next foul scarf, we’ll all be fine. What follows, then, are more signs of terrorist sympathies. Learn them. Know them. They just might save your life. Or your life. Or your life. Or YOURS!

Signs you might be a terrorist:

1) If you drink any sort of coffee with a name ending in “-ccino,” you might be a terrorist.

2) If you plan on voting for fist-pounding terrorist sympathizer Barack Obama, you might be a terrorist.

3) If you live in San Francisco, you might be a terrorist.

4) If you think that even Michelle Malkin could find better things to do with her time than examine the fashion choices of Rachael Ray, you might be a terrorist.

5) If you think that Fox News’ reporting of a fist pound as a terrorist fist jab makes them look shockingly, eye-poppingly, searingly stupid as opposed to making Barack Obama look like a terrorist, you might be a terrorist.

6) If you went out and bought one of those scarves the minute Dunkin Donuts pulled the ad, you might be a terrorist.

7) If you read Huffington Post, you might be a terrorist.

8) If you actually blog at Huffington Post, you are a terrorist. Report to Guantanamo for re-education.


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