The Detroit Red Wings are Boring

Sports Poetry?

They play hockey, they win.
They have room under the salary cap and players aren’t screaming to get unreal raises.
Their fans love them. The players get along.
Hall of Famers (Chelios and Hasek) sit on the bench and cheer the other players on.
They give an old washed up drunk (McCarty) another chance and he once again becomes the heart and soul of the team.
Americans, Canadians, Swedes, Fins, Czechs, and Russians all getting along and strive for a common goal.
No Drugs, No (off-ice) Assaults, No Womanizing, No Trash Talking, No Prima Donnas, No NHL Anointed Superstars.
They are a boring team.

Sometimes boring is a great thing!!

~Voltaire26, Jun 29, 2008


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