God Didn’t Help Roland Burris Today

Roland Burris, appointed by corrupt Governor Ron “Fucking” Blagojevich (D – IL) to take over President Elect Obama’s Senate seat, appeared in Washington DC today to do just that. Burris, who believes his appointment was “ordained by God“, was denied access to the Senate, thus forcing Senate Democrats to turn away both Burris and seemingly, God’s will.

After attempting to enter the Senate to be seated, Burris spoke with reporters saying, “I will not be accepted, I will not be seated,” and that he is “not seeking to have any type of confrontation,” which he made abundantly clear when he showed up to be seated this morning.

Later in the day, Burris found a new ally in the Senate, in the newest opponent of President Elect Obama, Senator Diane Fienstein (D – CA). Feinstein parted with her Senate colleagues when she stated her opinion that Burris should be seated.

Burris says now that he will continue to look into what his future steps will be. Not included in his considerations however; is refusing the nomination and standing with his fellow Democrats in their united front against Blagojevich. I guess if you can’t win 5 primaries, this is the only way to get into office. I’m sure he’ll include that he was appointed by a corrupt governor on his mausoleum, along with his many other accomplishments.


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