The Republican party is The Party of Abortion

What many people do not understand it: THE REPUBLICAN PARTY GAVE AMERICA LEGAL ABORTIONS. All five justices voting for legal abortions were REPUBLICAN”S APPOINTED BT REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS.

Roe v Wade. Who is responsible? The Republican Party is the Party of ABORTION because five of the Nine justices who voted “YES” were appointees of Republican Presidents. so they must bear the cross they crafted. Republican’s caused Legal Abortions in America. Here are the names of the five REPUBLICANS who voted “YES” to give us legal Abortions. And do those Republicans understand they are now responsible for 53 million deaths


Roe V Wade Republicans voting for Abortions:

5 of the nine justices that voted to make ABORTION LEGAL in America were Republicans appointed by Republicans and without thos Majority votes, we would have no legal Abortion today. So they do not need to lie to us any longer. Republicans gave us the Abortion they say they are so against today.

(1)  BLACKMUN  / Nixon (Republican)
(2)  BURGER ? Nixon (Republican)
(3)  BRENNON / Eisenhower (Republican)
(4)  STEWART / Eisenhower (Republican)
(5)  POWELL /  Nixon(Republican)

The Democrat WHITE voted against the Republican Majority
So lets call a spade a spade. The Republican party is the Party of Abortion because they gave it to us.


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