True Story: How Rush Limbaugh converted me from the Right to the Left

In the early 90s I briefly voted as a Republican.  In fact, the first time I ever voted was for GHWB.   At the time I was in the military and I was stationed in the South (i.e., a conservative hotbed).  I was very apolitical at the time and didn’t even know what it meant to be a “liberal” or a “conservative”.  I knew what I believed in and I knew what was batshit crazy.  In fact I was even called a “liberal” by friend of mine because I was helping his wife clear the dinner table, i.e., I was acting like a gentleman.  He meant it as an “insult”; I’d file that under the “batshit crazy” category.

Anyhow, many of the enlisted I served with were “fundamentalist Christians” and were obviously hardcore GOPers and Limbaugh dittoheads.  After they found that I voted GOP, they invited me to have lunch with them while we sat around listening to Rush for 60 mins during our lunch break.  Although I knew he existed, I never listened to Rush before but honestly I didn’t know much about him.  Well, it took < 5 minutes to realize 1) I have nothing in common with Rush, 2) he is really boring, 3) he is a habitual liar, and 4) he bitches a lot about nothing.  Over time and more exposure to conservatism my thinking evolved and I discovered that I have practically nothing in common with the modern GOP.  I discovered that conservatives are very obedient to authority figures and practically NEVER challenge anything they are told by such figures.   This was something very foreign to me and very contrary to my hardwired personality.

Needless to say that was the last time in my life that I ever voted GOP.   The next election was President Clinton’s re-election.  I was a civilian by then and was thrilled to vote for a man and a party that actually believed in logic, reason, and Americans.  In summary, Rush Limbaugh helped convert me from a narrow-minded right-wing zealot to a free thinking Lefty.  Thanks, Rush!

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