The Long History of Terrorist Attacks During dubyah’s Failed Adminstration

Dipshit teabaggers and the incompetent librul MSM have a short memory when it comes to the number of terrorist attacks during dubyah’s failed reign:

1.  9/11
2.  DC Sniper Terrorist Shootings
3.  Anthrax attacks
4.  Shoe bomber (albeit, i failed)
5. Center for Urban Horticulture destroyed. ELF members plead guilty.
6. Tacoma, Washington abortion clinic bombing
7. Attack at LAX against El Al ticket counter
8. Hughes & Dunahoe firebomb abortion clinic
9. Women’s Health Clinic bombed in Palm Beach burned
10. SUV attack at UNC
11. Seattle Jewish Federation shooting, Egyptian shoots six
12. McMenemy abortion clinic arson attempt. Not an actual clinic, he was mistaken.
13. IEDs tossed at Mexican Consulate in NYC.
14. Altman & Baca arrested for the abortion clinic arson
15. Planned Parenthood arson in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
16. IED attacked attempted at women’s health clinic in Austin
17. Virginia Tech Shootings
18. Dr. Nicholas Barth right-wing terrorism in NY

Help me fill in the blanks in the comments section….

How to create hysteria: Boston Bomb Scare

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last 24 hours, you have probably heard by now about the two men arrested for creating post-9/11 hysteria via their “planting of suspicious packages” throughout the Boston area. Well, the two men behind yesterday’s event made a video of their “dastardly deeds”.

And the two “hooligans” mock the media following their post-arrest press conference. Good for them!!!!!

House of Representatives Passes Comprehensive Security Bill Implementing 9/11 Commission Recommendations

The House of Representatives has just passed a comprehensive national security bill implementing 9/11 Commission recommendations, by a vote of 299-128.

“Patterned on recommendations of the commission that investigated the Sept. 11 attacks, the far-reaching measure includes commitments for inspection of all cargo carried aboard passenger aircraft and on ships bound for the United States.”

68 Republicans crossed party lines and voted with Democrats to pass the bill, with 8 Representatives not voting. You can see how your Representative voted here.

Stupid People Say Stupid Things

Peter King on implementing the 9/11 Commission recommendations:

“To make it part of a 100-hour show shamefully trivializes an issue of life or death.”

And to ignore the “issue of life or death” for the past 5 years is really something to be proud of, huh?

Former President Ford Dead at 93

The now longest-living President of the United States (surpassing Ronald Reagan) Gerald Rudolph Ford, has passed away at the age of 93.

Ford’s wife Betty announced his passing in a statement saying he “died peacefully”, but no cause of death was announced.

Ford had been suffering from a variety of health problems, and in August underwent an “angioplasty procedure to reduce or eliminate blockages in his coronary arteries.”

Funeral arrangements are still to be announced.

Senate Report, Able Danger did not identify 9/11 hijackers prior to 9/11

Over the last few years some of the most extreme right-wingers attempted to blame 9/11 on Clinton. The righties were particularly fond of citing Able Danger, a classified military intelligence program under the command of the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). They repeatedly claimed that Mr. Clinton ignored “startling intelligence” that might have helped to prevent the attacks. Well, as usual, the righties are flat out wrong. From a new Senate report:

The Senate Intelligence Committee has rejected as untrue one of the most disturbing claims about the Sept. 11 terrorist strikes — a congressman’s contention that a team of military analysts identified Mohamed Atta or other hijackers before the attacks — according to a summary of the panel’s investigation obtained by The Times.

After a 16-month investigation, the Intelligence Committee has concluded that those assertions are unfounded.

“Able Danger did not identify Mohammed Atta or any other 9/11 hijacker at any time prior to Sept. 11, 2001,” the committee determined, according to an eight-page letter sent last week to panel members by the top Republican and Democrat on the committee.

Poor, poor, Sean Hannity, one could only wonder how he’s going to take this latest defeat. And, how will he spin this latest news and attempt to continue to blame Mr. Clinton? 2007 is going to be a great year for Freedom and Democracy.

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