Limbaugh’s Greatest Hits: A journey into a mind of a sick man

Crooks and Liars has a nice little summary about some of Rush Limbaugh’s previous classless attacks and smears.  So, I thought I would use their post as a starting point to catalog Limbaugh’s greatest hits over his “career”…..a “career” that is founded in hate, division, lies, smears, and slander.   I’ll continue to update this as I do more homework and as Limbaugh continues to be Limbaugh.  Enjoy!

Compared feminists to Nazis,

Called Chelsea Clinton “the White House dog,”

Told an African-American caller to “take the bone out of your nose,”

Promoted a song titled, “Barack the Magic Negro

Called the president a “Halfrican American,”

Limbaugh said Obama and the First Lady weren’t “decent Americans,”

Compared both President Obama and President Clinton to Hitler

Labeled veterans who opposed the Iraq War “phony soldiers,”

Dismissed Danica Patrick as a “woman driver,”

Suggested that all homosexuals are pedophiles

Called a private citizen a “slut” and a “prostitute“.

Ridiculed children who rely on school meals

Called the National Organization for Women “Nags

Called children who receive free school meals “wanton little waifs and serfs”

Said the NFL looked like a game between “the Blood and Crips

Claimed that people in the private sector are getting raped by this administration.

Redux: Limbaugh is a Scat Muncher

Before his death Comedian Bill Hicks provided some dark poetic commentary regarding Limbaugh (NSFW). Needless to say this commentary is just as relevant today as it was over 10 years ago. Timeless…


The Long History of Terrorist Attacks During dubyah’s Failed Adminstration

Dipshit teabaggers and the incompetent librul MSM have a short memory when it comes to the number of terrorist attacks during dubyah’s failed reign:

1.  9/11
2.  DC Sniper Terrorist Shootings
3.  Anthrax attacks
4.  Shoe bomber (albeit, i failed)
5. Center for Urban Horticulture destroyed. ELF members plead guilty.
6. Tacoma, Washington abortion clinic bombing
7. Attack at LAX against El Al ticket counter
8. Hughes & Dunahoe firebomb abortion clinic
9. Women’s Health Clinic bombed in Palm Beach burned
10. SUV attack at UNC
11. Seattle Jewish Federation shooting, Egyptian shoots six
12. McMenemy abortion clinic arson attempt. Not an actual clinic, he was mistaken.
13. IEDs tossed at Mexican Consulate in NYC.
14. Altman & Baca arrested for the abortion clinic arson
15. Planned Parenthood arson in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
16. IED attacked attempted at women’s health clinic in Austin
17. Virginia Tech Shootings
18. Dr. Nicholas Barth right-wing terrorism in NY

Help me fill in the blanks in the comments section….

Fox News: McCains’ are "pigs" and "poop"

Fox somehow continuously manages to find a new way to sink to a new low. Whether it’s defending Limbaugh’s defeatist anti-Americanism or hiring an unstable and deranged alcoholic. Well, not to be undone, the already fractured right-wing crumbles even further with the help of their very own propaganda outlet. The Fox News [sic] blog not only suggests that the McCain family should leave the Republican Party, but the website refers to John McCain as a “pig” and daughter Meghan as “poop”.

Now comes his daughter Meghan McCain, proving the old adage that the poop doesn’t fall far from the pig’s rear end, Meghan has joined her father in the Republican bashing business.

Get a fresh six-pack and some popcorn. The next two years are going to be very entertaining!! Stay classy, wing-nuts!

Fox"News" Website Obsesses Over Gore’s Son

As of 6:15 ET on July 5th, the main page of the fox”news” website has four links related to Al Gore’s son.

I took snapshots of the [propaganda] web page and broke up the page into two different files with each showing two links to the [non-]story. Click on the thumbnails for the full sized file:

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

But, here is a shrunken version of the main page showing all four links at once:

Free Image Hosting at

Is this the hard-hitting “news” that the far right so desires? Apparently so! No wonder the right-wing is notoriously uniformed when it comes to world events, facts, knowledge, and reason.

Update I: As of 11:00 am ET (July 6th), the fox “news” website still has two links to the Gore [non-]story. One link is listed under the “Health” section of the web page which includes stories pertaining to:

* Wine May Curb Cavities
* HIV Cases in India Less Than Half of Previous…
* 43 Treated for Meningitis at Rainbow Gathering
* Burger King to Cut the Trans Fat
* Cues May Signal Autism in Tots as Young as 14 Mos.
* West Nile Identified in Connecticut Mosquitoes

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