Tom "Criminal" DeLay plays the typical blame game

From Tom DeLay told an astounded Alan Colmes last night that liberals and the media were the cause of the problems in the Iraq war. Colmes repeatedly made the point that the president is the commander in chief, that it was neither liberals nor the media who planned and executed the war effort. Yet DeLay insisted it was all the liberals/media’s fault.

From C&L: Colmes points out how silly his rant is because there’s no basis of truth to it, but it’s DeLay and the truth has no real place in his Republican propaganda. Hey Tom, over 60 people were killed in Iraq today, but I understand it’s going much better than how the media portrays it.

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Notice how insane Delay acts on FOX, but when he’s on MSNBC—Tom is such a terrific fellow and respects liberals and Nancy Pelosi oh-so-much.

Barnicle: I would get the sense just from your persona on TV that you absolutely hated Democrats and were inclined to blame them for everything, from psoriasis to the war in Iraq. Not so?

DELAY: Not so. I have the utmost respect for legitimate liberals, Democrats that fight for what they believe in. I enjoy the fight. I‘m passionate about what I believe in. I fight very hard for what I believe in.

BARNICLE: What do you think about Nancy Pelosi? Do you like her?

DELAY: I like her. I think she‘s an honest liberal. She‘s fighting very hard for what she‘s doing. I disagree with everything she stands for and—and am willing to fight with her toe to toe…

H/T to C&L for the video and partial transcript

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