High Flying Fine Dining: Dinner at 165 Feet

Here’s a dining concept that’ll make your head if not your stomach spin: It’s dinner at a table suspended 165 feet in the air with chairs that swivel180 degrees.

Dubbed Dinner in the Sky, the attraction is making its U.S. debut Monday in Orlando at the annual International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions convention. About 25,000attendees are expected at the one-stop-shopping event, where the amusement industry rolls out new thrill rides and related products.

Thehigh-flying dining venue was introduced in Europe last year and consists of a platform suspended from a crane. Guests are harnessed into 22 seats, with space in the center for a chef and two helpers.With local officials’ blessings, the platform can be transported to just about anywhere the crane can maneuver. One recent spot: in front of the Amiens Cathedral in France, with dinner prepared by a three-star Michelin chef.

‘It was like eating with the 12 apostles and Jesus Christ,’ quips David Ghysels, co-founder of the Belgium-based company.

Ghysels sees all sorts of U.S. possibilities for the dangling restaurant, including air space over the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and golf courses.

‘I think human beings always like to see what’s happening from the air,’ he says. ‘And there are so many wonderfuln atural spots in the U.S. Dinner in the Sky could go anywhere.’

Ther estaurant (dinnerinthesky.com) belongs firmly in the special-occasion category, however. The cost for eight hours is about $11,444 not including catering.

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Security Camera Footage of Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Security Camera Footage of Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Astronauts Flew While Intoxicated

From Aviation Week (AW is loading slowly, so I C&Ped the entire story):

A panel reviewing astronaut health issues in the wake of the Lisa Nowak arrest has found that on at least two occasions astronauts were allowed to fly after flight surgeons and other astronauts warned they were so intoxicated that they posed a flight-safety risk.

The panel, also reported “heavy use of alcohol” by astronauts before launch, within the standard 12-hour “bottle to throttle” rule applied to NASA flight crew members.

A NASA spokesman declined comment on the findings, which were obtained by Aviation Week & Space Technology. The spokesman said a press conference has tentatively been scheduled for Friday afternoon on the issue. At the direction of Administrator Michael Griffin, NASA Chief Medical Officer Dr. Richard S. Williams set up the panel to review astronaut medical and psychological screening after Nowak was arrested in Orlando, Fla., Feb. 5 on charges of attempted murder and attempted kidnapping for allegedly stalking and threatening a woman who was dating another astronaut. The attempted murder charge was subsequently dropped.

The panel is composed of military and civilian government physicians, psychologists, lawyers, safety experts and astronauts under the chairmanship of U.S. Air Force Col. Richard Bachmann, dean of the Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine. Panel members visited Johnson Space Center in April to gather information from flight surgeons and the astronaut office on astronaut health screening. A panel member said Wednesday the report was still in draft form, and probably would be released in August. Separately, Griffin ordered JSC Director Mike Coats to review intake and on-going psychological screening for astronaut candidates and astronauts, and to recommend changes if necessary.

Griffin also directed Coats, himself a former astronaut, to “determine whether there were any areas of concern – any leading indicators we might have picked up on, based on Lisa Nowak’s dealings with other astronauts or NASA employees,” in the words of Deputy Administrator Shana Dale.

The Bachmann panel report apparently does not deal directly with Nowak or mention any other astronaut by name. Coats’ findings also will be part of the press conference on Friday, according to the agency spokesman.

Lindsay Lohan: Arrested Again, Mug Shot

From TSG

Here’s the mug shot Lindsay Lohan posed for this morning following her arrest in Santa Monica for drunk driving and cocaine possession. The actress, 21, was nabbed after cops spotted her SUV chasing another vehicle at high speed. After Lohan failed a field sobriety test, she was transported to the L.A. county lockup, where a pat down search turned up cocaine in her pants pocket. Click here to see the Santa Monica Police Department’s booking sheet for Lindsay Dee Lohan, accused felon. (2 pages)

Caption This: The Decider

Wedding Announcements: Just for the hell of it

“I don’t know, last I saw them, they . . “

Hurry .. hurry ..

“Well, years ago I might have . . . ..

“The main thing I learned in College was . . .”

“As soon as I get done here I’m gonna . . .”

“The coroner told me that it looked like he had
been hit in the head several times with a . . .”

…no comment .

“Not only has my ass been itchin’, on closer
inspection I find my . . . “

No Comment … really!!!

“It figures, right after I got my Butts-McCracken

condition cleared up, now I’ve got an . . . .”

“Honest Judge, I’m not really a . . . .”

“My Doctor told me the best way to get rid of my
Aikin-Johnson was to . . . “

“And…the Doctor also suggested for preventive measures,

at least twice a week, I should be . . . “

“After I get all of these medical problems taken care of,
I think I’ll go get a . . .”

Draft College Republicans: Generation Chickenhawk

Generation Chickenhawk: Max Blumenthal’s Unofficial College Republican Tour.

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