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  • All points of view are welcome on TPT, with the following exception:
  • TPT will limit the commenter as “chatterer,” loosely defined as one who both holds opposing views from those expressed by TPT and posts numerous times a day with the intent of dominating, re-directing or hijacking the thread; or Posts numerous times a day and insults or calls other commenters names or repeatedly makes the same point with the effect of annoying other commenters.
  • Name-calling, personal attacks, racist comments or use of profanity by any commenter, whether they are by persons who agree or disagree with the views expressed by TPT will not be tolerated and will result in the deletion of the comment and the banning of the commenter’s ISP address, without notice.
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  • TPT is a personal site. It is not the Government. It is not public institution or a media organization. It is not a neutral site. It is intended to express and disseminate the authors’ point of view. It reserves the right to limit comments to those that, in its view, comport with its stated comment policy. Comments that do not comply are subject to deletion and banning of the author’s ISP.


  • Reading and posting comments at TPT constitutes acknowledgment of and agreement to the terms outlined in this comment policy. This comment policy may be revised in part or in full at any time
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  • TPT is not responsible for and might disagree with material posted in the comments section. This is an opinion site. The material posted by TPT or left in the comments section may or may not be accurate.

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