Fox News: McCains’ are "pigs" and "poop"

Fox somehow continuously manages to find a new way to sink to a new low. Whether it’s defending Limbaugh’s defeatist anti-Americanism or hiring an unstable and deranged alcoholic. Well, not to be undone, the already fractured right-wing crumbles even further with the help of their very own propaganda outlet. The Fox News [sic] blog not only suggests that the McCain family should leave the Republican Party, but the website refers to John McCain as a “pig” and daughter Meghan as “poop”.

Now comes his daughter Meghan McCain, proving the old adage that the poop doesn’t fall far from the pig’s rear end, Meghan has joined her father in the Republican bashing business.

Get a fresh six-pack and some popcorn. The next two years are going to be very entertaining!! Stay classy, wing-nuts!

Terrorist Fist Jabs: Terrorists Are Everywhere!

As noted earlier, that inept excuse for a cable “news” station (i.e. Faux “News”) accused Michelle and Barack of performing a “terrorist fist jab” prior to Barack’s “victory” speech as the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee. So, I decided to provide a dedicated blog entry to expose all the other terrorist fist jabbers out there and hope to add more as we, good Americans, track-down and identify these scoundrels:

Young American gymnast terrorists

Baseball terrorists

More baseball terrorists

Football players and young white boy terrorists

American Idol terrorists

Harry Connick Jr, the terrorist

Senator Terrorists Feinstein (D-CA) and Hutchison (R-TX)

Cartoon terrorists

Old White Men Playing Golf Terrorists

Some sort of terrorist fist jabbing training tool for our youth

Terrorist Polar Bears (perhaps this is why right-wingers want to destroy the artic?)

Ricky Bobby aka Terroristy Bobby

LIEbermann (I-Israel) the Independent terrorist

The Original Terrorist Fist Jab

U.S. Soldier terrorists
Watch the very end of the commercial.

Bud Light exposes that the terrorist jab is out of fashion

Fox News: Obama’s Fist Bump, "A Terrorist Fist Jab?"

From MMFA:

Teasing a segment on the “gesture everyone seems to interpret differently,” Fox News’ E.D. Hill said: “A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab? … We’ll show you some interesting body communication and find out what it really says.” In the ensuing discussion with a “body language expert,” Hill referred to the “Michelle and Barack Obama fist bump or fist pound,” but at no point did she explain her earlier reference to “a terrorist fist jab.Click here to read more…

Fox “News”, once again, displays zero journalist [sic] integrity by attempting to link a Democrat to terrorism. What’s even worse is that the inept idiots at Faux picked up the concept of a “terrorist jab” from a poster comment from the far, far, right-wing website Human in a blog entry by Cal Thomas.

Michelle is not as “refined” as Obama at hiding her TRUE feelings about America–etc. Her “Hezbollah” style fist-jabbing–mouth-twisted anti-American speeches is STRAIGHT from ISLAM!

*sigh* It’s so pathetic and sad, yet not unexpected to see the low-life scum at Faux parroting the comments made at a far, far right-wing website.

So, by right-wing “standards”, it appears we are surrounded by terrorists:

Young American gymnast terrorists

Baseball terrorists

Football players and young white boy terrorists

American Idol terrorists

Harry Connick Jr, the terrorist

Senator Terrorists Feinstein (D-CA) and Hutchison (R-TX)

The original terrorist fist jab

U.S. Soldier terrorists
Watch the very end of the commercial.

Faux "News" Named #2 Top Conservative Political Website

Oops. So much for that “fair and balanced” mantra! From the comically named “Intellectual” [sic] Conservative.

Here is a ranking of the top 100 conservative political websites and blogs. Other than sifting and sorting through directories like alexa’s , there’s no easy way to determine what are the most popular conservative websites. John Hawkins of rightwingnews has ranked all political websites in order of popularity in the past, but hasn’t put out an updated list since 2004. I have attempted to create an updated list of the conservative websites for 2007, using alexa’s directory and rankings. There are other sites like which use different methodology to rank the popularity of websites, however, alexa’s system, which is based on the web surfing habits of those using its browser helper software remains the most popular.

And here is the list. Intellectual [sic] Conservative rounds out the end of the top 100:

1. Drudge Report – 951
2. Fox News – 599
3. Wall Street Journal – 1,043
4. New York Post – 1,778
5. WorldNetDaily – 4,605
6. NewsMax – 5,334
7. Boston Herald – 6,684
8. Free Republic – 7,114
9. Town Hall – 7,915
10. U.S. News and World Report – 8,694
11. National Review Online – 10,502
12. Politico – 11,359
13. Lew Rockwell – 13,174
14. Washington Times – 13,621
15. Rush Limbaugh – 14,117
16. Real Clear Politics – 17,027
17. The Post Chronicle – 19,203
18. Reason Online – 19,942
19. Little Green Footballs – 21,079
20. Michelle Malkin – 23,570

Michelle Malkin Defends Michael Vick to Attack PETA


Michelle Malkin, in for Bill O’Reilly, talked with Daphna Nachminovich, a representative for People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, about Nike and Reebok’s announcement that they are no longer selling products endorsed by Michael Vick. Although the public outcry about Vick’s horrific “Bad News Kennels” transcends politics, Malkin chose to side with Michael Vick and attack PETA simply because it’s erroneously labeled a left wing organization. Once again, reich-wingers are on the wrong side of yet another issue.

Olbermann Skewers "The Falafel Factor"

Keith brings us the latest installment of the new FOX hit series, “The Falafel Factor.

Bill O’Reilly Defends Pedophiles…again

Keith Olbermann examines another example of how Bill O’Reilly is literally losing his mind on the air. First, Bill-O finds himself in the odd position of defending a pedophile (yet again) in an attempt to slam MSNBC/NBC. This is followed by, as originally noted by the hilarious show “The Soup”, Bill-O’s interview with the beleaguered Miss New Jersey over blackmailed photographs which takes a distinct turn into creepy-Bill-O-fantasy-land.

Watch the Video:

H/T to C&

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