The GOP War on Women

Over the last few weeks the RNC, Fox/GOPTV, and Rush Limbaugh have all attempted to refute the existence of the GOP War on Women.   However, like any issue with the conservative cult, as they attempt to distance themselves from an issue the issue only becomes closer.   Below is a running list demonstrating the clear and undeniable GOP War on Women

  • Every GOP Senator voted AGAINST Equal Pay for Women Act
  • Every GOP Senator voted AGAINST Al Franken’s Anti-Rape Amendment
  • Every GOP member vote FOR Anti-Safe Abortion Legislation
  • Every GOP member vote FOR Blunt/Rubio Anti-Women’s Equal Health 
  • Coverage Amendment. While Blunt/Rubio Amendment does not allow employer to deny men employee health coverage for Vasectomy, the Blunt/Rubio Amendment allows Employer to deny female employees & female dependents: contraception, tubes tied, and hysterectomies.
  • GOP Redefine Rape
  • GOP write legislation to probe metal prongs up a woman’s vagina
  • GOP change legal term for victims of rape, stalking, and domestic violence to “accuser”
  • GOP write legislation that could make it legal to murder a doctor who provides abortion care. (South Dakota GOP)
  • GOP write legislation to cut nearly a billion dollars of aid to low-income pregnant women, mothers, babies, and kids.
  • GOP write legislation that would let hospitals allow a woman to die rather than perform an abortion necessary to save her life.
  • GOP write law cutting ALL funding for low-income kids saying “Women should really be home with the kids, not out working (Maryland)
  • GOP Cut Funding for Head Start by $1 Billion. 
  • Two-thirds of the elderly poor are women: GOP write Bill to CUT funding for employment services, meals, and housing for senior citizens. 
  • GOP Candidates for President vow and pledge to Cut Funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • GOP voted for a Amendment to cut all federal funding from Planned Parenthood health centers.
  • GOP write Bill to eliminate all funds for Federal Family Planning Program.
  • GOP Write Bill to Provide Contraception for wild horses but ENDS all Federal Funding for Family Planning, including contraception coverage. 

GOP Consultant: Sometimes It’s "Accurate" To Call A Woman A "Bitch"

From TPM Election Central and TP

During yesterday’s Democratic primary coverage on CNN, Jeff Toobin criticized a New York Times column that published a joke about Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) being a “white bitch”. “I think it’s appalling, but I think she’s absolutely right that there has been a level of sexism,” said Toobin. But CNN contributor Alex Castellanos, who is also an adviser to Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) campaign, disagreed, saying that some women deserve to be called a “bitch”:

If I can disagree, I think you’re dead wrong. She’s dead wrong. And I think she thinks her problem is she’s a woman. Her problem is she’s Hillary Clinton. And some women, by the way, are named that and it’s accurate.

More Republic Party Values: Death Threats

The comedy routine known as republic party “morals” just gets better and better. The wing-nuts of all wing-nuts, Pat Robertson, threatened to kill a man.

A plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against Pat Robertson says the televangelist threatened his life and that of his family at a legal proceeding Wednesday in the Norfolk federal courthouse.

The accuser, Phillip Busch, is suing Robertson for misappropriation of his image in the promotion of Robertson’s protein diet shake.

According to a complaint Busch filed with the Norfolk police, Robertson entered a room in the courthouse Wednesday afternoon to be questioned for a deposition – an out-of-court form of testimony – and told Busch:

“I am going to kill you and your family.”

Republic Party Values: DUI and Flashing

More upstanding and comedic-like values from the so-called “party of morals”:

1) Former Congressman, Joseph M. McDade (R-PA) was issued a summons on a charge of exposure of sexual organs (i.e. flashing), a misdemeanor that carries up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. McDade, who is 75 years old, served in the House from 1963 to 1999.

2) U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s daughter, Ann S. Banaszewski, was arrested this week and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and child endangerment.

I bet both instances are Clinton’s fault (Tm).

Stupid People Say Stupid Things

I am “no expert on military matters.” – Defense Secretary Robert Gates yesterday before the House Armed Services Committee.

What? Another expert in Arabian Horses?

GOP "Flip Flop" on the Filibuster

In 2005, Senate Republicans caused a raucus when Democrats attempted to filibuster several of President Bush’s judicial nominees. Shortly after Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, William Rehenquist, passed away, former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, assuming Democrats would filibuster any appointment made by President Bush, labeled the use of the filibuster as a “formula for tyranny by the minority.”

During the debacle, many Republicans agreed with Frist’s decision to invoke the “nuclear option”, including former Senators Rick Santorum and George Allen, as well current Senators Lamar Alexander, Thad Cochran, along with many others.

But how quickly things change when the Republicans are voted into the minority.

From The Washington Post:

“President Bush’s decision to deploy 21,500 additional troops to Iraq drew fierce opposition Thursday from congressional Democrats, but the Senate’s top Republican threatened a filibuster to block any legislation expressing disapproval of the plan.”

Back when the debate to end the filibuster was raging, Democrats (including Harry Reid) made the point that this “nuclear option” would one day come back to bite them in the foot, had they gone through with it. Apparently, the entire debate was nothing more than rhetoric, since one of the first action’s of the minority Republicans is to revert to using the filibuster to achieve their own agenda. Does this qualify as “tyranny by the minority?”

UPDATE: According to right-wing bloggers, McConnell has stated he fully expects the support of Holy Joe in the filibuster. So much for caucusing with the Democrats.

Democrats Forcing Republicans to Go On Record Concerning Troop Surge

As we reported yesterday, only 36% of Americans support a troop surge in Iraq, while 61% are against it.

Now the Senate Democrats have a plan to make sure the American people know where their Representatives, particularly Republicans, stand on the issue too. From The New York Times:

“Democratic leaders said Tuesday that they intended to hold symbolic votes in the House and Senate on President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Baghdad, forcing Republicans to take a stand on the proposal and seeking to isolate the president politically over his handling of the war.”

The vote will be held early next week.

This is politics at its best. Finally, the Democrats have the opportunity to put Republicans on the spot and make voters understand just where their Representative stands on important issues. This same tactic was used during last night’s vote on the National Security bill (HR1) implementing 9/11 Commission recommendations. Imagine in 2008 Democrats being able to tell constituents that their Republican representative was against tighter screening at our ports.

The tables have turned, and thus far, Democrats are playing the game just right, while actually doing something that puts the American people first.

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