Bush Breaks Disapproval Records: Impeachment Imminent?

H/t to C&L

dubyah is the most unpopular President [sic] for the longest stretch of time in A
American history. Keith reports on the latest poll findings confirming this sad, sad fact, and conservative Republican & former Reagan Deputy AG Bruce Fein talks about why Bush must be impeached.

Campaign to Impeach Cheney and Bush

From FarLeft:

8/18/07 – Mark Your Calendars Folks

Write your Representative and both Senators.

If you’re looking for reasons to include in your e-mail, try:

* the 8/18/07 impeachment site
* reasons to impeach Bush
* reasons to impeach Cheney

It doesn’t have to be a long letter. Something handwritten might be nice. So, mark it down – August 18, 2007 – reserve 30 minutes to make your voice heard.

You can find the address for your Congresspersons at the following sites:

* enter your zip code or click your state
* select your member’s name or enter your zip code
* enter your zip code or select your state

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