Round II: Michael Moore vs. Blitzer

Michael Moore Bitch Slaps Blitzer

Judge dismisses suit against Michael Moore

A US soldier tried to sue Michael Moore over footage used in Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. From Variety:

A judge has thrown out a suit by an Iraq War veteran against filmmaker Michael Moore. In the $35 million suit (Comment: I think variety got it wrong, all other links cite an $85 million suit) that also sought damages from Miramax, the soldier claimed Moore used his image without permission for the documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

The film shows an armless Sgt. Peter Damon lying on a gurney at Walter Reed Hospital. Damon says he feels pain but that medication allows him to “take a lot of the edge” off of it.

To no surprise, Sgt. Damon is a supporter of Faux news, Bush, and his failed war (Comment: I thought Republicans hated lawsuits?) I heard Sgt. Damon one morning back in June on the Faux Radio show, “Brian and The Judge”. Now, I do feel sorry for the guy, but listening to Damon on “Brian and The Judge” was like listening to O’Reilly. He broke out every RNC/Faux talking point and it was really sad to listen to those two twits exploit and goad this American.

Here is the video clip from F9/11 that includes Sgt. Damon. He’s the poor soul at the end of the video in the hospital gurney.

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