News Roundup: The "WTH?" Edition

* Docs warn: Don’t drink hand sanitizers

* Herpes outbreak triggers wrestling ban

* Woman has 93 lb tumor removed

* Sienna Miller’s sex scenes in new film may be real thing

* Shampoo oils may cause breast growth in boys

News Roundup

* Bush authorizes U.S. troops to counter Iranian agents in Iraq

* Ex-Argentine leader faces new charges: killing, torture and kidnappings of leftist dissidents

* Home Sales Fall

* Drudge breaks White House Embargo for SOTU speech

**** Mutated Body Within a Body: Man Has Twin Living Inside Him for nearly 4 decades!!! ****

News Roundup

* Hillary says Bill will be as asset in 2008

* Hastert backs Romney’s ’08 bid

* Newsweek: Has Bush soured the world on democracy?

* Cold Suds for Man’s Best Friend?

* Israel’s head of state, Katsav, charged with rape and abuse of power

News Roundup

* Marine pleads guilty to Iraqi man’s murder

* MySpace Hit With Online Predator Suits

* Chinese test missile obliterates satellite

* Oil plunges below $50 for first time since ’05

* Retired Generals [YET AGAIN!] Criticize Bush’s Plan for Iraq

News Roundup

*Dems ready to push Medicare negotiations

*U.S. strike kills suspect in ’98 embassy bombings

*Va. school board fires ‘butt-printing’ art teacher

*Big 3 Automakers bet on comeback of their midsize sedans

*Univ of Mich will no longer consider affirmative action for admitting students

* Pelosi kicks butts near House floor: No smoking

News Roundup

*Dems look at tax cuts for middle class

*47-year library late fee: $171

*USC Kicker Found Dead: No Evidence of Suicide

*FBI arrests three at Port of Miami: Possible terrorism link

*13-year-old graffiti artist killed by train

Light Blogging Today

Janie is sick (wish her well!) and I’m swamped and away from my PC for most of the day.

News Roundup:
* Dem Leaders to Bush: Don’t Surge

*Texas Boy Hangs Self; Mimicking Saddam Hussein’s Execution

*Ghost Riding: The dangers of this new trend (CNN Video)

*Newsweek: Warming leaves polar bears on thin ice

*The best, worst and weirdest car names

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