Obama Leads in Pizza Poll

So, I decided to order a pie online from Dominoes while watching the Rays-BoSox game. After you place your order, Domino’s has interactive tracking which includes a few brief questions about the election. After you answer the questions, the results are displayed. It appears the Domino’s Poll is consistent with the rest of the polls out there, i.e., Obama is America’s choice!

I’m sure the right-wing will claim Domino’s is “liberal” and “biased”.

I like the results of this poll

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Poll: America disagrees with Libby pardon

66% of Americans believes Bush should not have commuted Scooter Libby’s prison sentence, according to a new Gallup poll.


H/T to Think Progress

Poll: Bush Approval Rating Sinks to 32%

H/t to tpmcafe:

President Bush’s approval rating has sank to a dismal 32%, his lowest rating since last May, a new Gallup poll finds. Bush’s approval numbers have remained below 50% for two years in the Gallup poll, and the survey also finds that the President’s approval rating of 46% on terrorism — which is often described as his signature issue — is lower than his disapproval number of 52%.

Poll: Bush Hits Another Low

In a Newsweek poll following his State of the Union address, Bush’s rating hits a new low.

“The president’s approval ratings are at their lowest point in the poll’s history—30 percent—and more than half the country (58 percent) say they wish the Bush presidency were simply over, a sentiment that is almost unanimous among Democrats (86 percent), and is shared by a clear majority (59 percent) of independents and even one in five (21 percent) Republicans. Half (49 percent) of all registered voters would rather see a Democrat elected president in 2008, compared to just 28 percent who’d prefer the GOP to remain in the White House.”

Global Poll Shows Disdain For Bush

From wsws.org:

“A BBC poll questioned more than 26,000 people in 25 countries (including the US) between November 3, 2006, and January 9, 2007. Across all 25 countries, one in two people now says the US is playing a mainly negative role in the world. Three quarters, or 73 percent, disapprove of how the US government has dealt with Iraq.”

“World citizens disapprove of the way the US government has handled all six of the foreign policy areas explored by the poll. In addition to the overwhelming disapproval of US policy in Iraq, majorities across 25 countries also disapprove of the US handling of the Guantánamo detainees and other prisoners (67 percent), the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon (65 percent), global warming (56 percent) and US handling of the nuclear programs of both Iran (60 percent), and North Korea (54 percent)”

Poll: Bush at 33%, Reaches Nixon-like Low

Bush will face the nation this week more unpopular than any president on the eve of a State of the Union address since Nixon in 1974. Nixon was beleaguered by the Watergate scandal. Three decades late, Bush deals with the war in Iraq and an unpopular troop surge.

Bush’s job rating matches the worst of his presidency: Thirty-three percent of Americans approve of his work in office while 65 percent disapprove, 2-1 negative, matching his career low last May.

You’re doing a heckva job, Georgie

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