Puppy-Marine Saga: Revenge of the Puppy

Puppies get revenge against the Marines. lol.

Puppy-Marine Saga: To Those Who Think the Video is Fake

This certainly does not prove the puppy was or was not alive, but the videographer does provide some interesting observations to refute the notion that the pup was dead.

David Motari Apology? Fake or Real?

So, not only are we to question whether the thrown puppy was already dead, now we have to question if an apparent Myspace posted apology, belonging to the now famous David Motari, is real or fake.

From jonathanturley.org

David Motari has been named as the Marine in the video, though the Marines are still investigating. In what is purported to be a posting from him below, he blames the stress of combat.

In his alleged apology, Modari says that in combat people “develope [sic] a different sence [sic] of humor than what others are used to.” He say that he is “sorry about the dog.” He also complains about people bothering his family and his girlfriend.

I say it’s a fake….probably some attention-starved twit started up the profile.


The Puppy-Marine Saga Continues

KITV of Honolulu, Hawaii provides more coverage of the “Puppy-Marine Saga”:

Update I: The MSM is not only covering this but they are actually listing David Motari as the alleged puppy thrower. From the LA times:


In the video, a second Marine identifies the first by name;

“That was mean, Motari,” he says, unconvincingly.

Online denizens quickly located the Bebo.com profile of a Marine named David Motari. The Marine Corps press office confirmed that Motari is, or at one time was, in the corps.

A phone number and address for a David Motari was repeatedly posted on the Bebo profile and in the comments on the Digg entry that led to the video. When I called the number, it had been disconnected.


U.S. Marine "Murders" a Puppy? Fake or Real?

Many posters on Youtube and various blogs are bringing up the notion that the puppy was already dead and that the whimpering sound was actually edited in after the fact. I won’t bother going through the effort to cite exact postings, but there is a minority out there that feels this way. Nonetheless, the Marines in this video should be exposed so the truth can be revealed. In fact, the USMC has launched an investigation:

The person is identified on the video and in subsequent internet postings as a lance corporal stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe.

“This is a shocking and deplorable video that is contrary to the high standards that we set for every Marine,” said Maj. Chris Perrine, spokesperson for the Kaneohe base.

The Marine Corps has launched an investigation to determine whether the man on the video is their Marine who returned last October from a 7-month tour of duty in Iraq.

U.S. Marine Murders a Puppy

Here is a quickly evolving “story” coming from the Middle East. To no surprise, the video is also going viral on the Internet(s) at the speed of light. In the Youtube clip you can see a U.S. Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff to its demise.

Caution! This is NOT for the faint of heart and I DO NOT suggest letting young children see this video:

It appears that folks on the Internet(s) have already revealed the identity of Marine and he is quickly gaining attention all over the web (David Motari). He even has a Wiki page….for now.

Update I: It looks like Wiki removed the entry for David Motari. I didn’t have time to get a screen shot. But from Google, “David Motari is potentially the identity of a United States soldier seen in a video throwing a puppy over a cliff. The video has not been confirmed as…”

Update II: Youtube has deleted someone else’s upload of the video clip, so I have uploaded the video to blogger in case my Youtube version disappears as well.


Update III: Apparently a concerned American contacted the USMC to inform them about this video and apparent identification of David Motari. I stumbled across this entry on TheForum.com. It appears to be legitimate email from a Staff Security for the USMC in Hawaii

Update IV: A screen shot of David Motari’s, the alleged puppy thrower, Bebo Profile. Found at: http://www.mahalo.com/David_Motari

Update V: There is speculation that the video is fake.

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