Another example of a split personality disorder on the right

Flashback 2004. Mr. Kerry was called a “flip-flopper” (Tm) over and over by the right-wing MSM because he actually had the NERVE to self-reflect and change his mind. The nerve! Well, flash-forward and compare and contrast what the Hannity wanna-be Rich Lowry has been saying. From the Whiskey Bar:

In their distrust of the mainstream media, their defensiveness over President Bush and the war, and their understandable urge to buck up the nation’s will, many conservatives lost touch with reality on Iraq. They thought that they were contributing to our success, but they were only helping to forestall a cold look at conditions there and the change in strategy and tactics that would be dictated by it.

National Review editor Rich Lowry
When the Media’s Right
December 19, 2006

It is time to say it unequivocally: We are winning in Iraq . . . Even as there has been a steady diet of bad news about Iraq in the media over the last year, even as some hawks have bailed on the war in despair, even as Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld has become everyone’s whipping boy, the U.S. military has been regaining the strategic upper hand.

National Review editor Rich Lowry
What Went Right
April 27, 2005

Is this is an example of a split personality disorder, flip-flopping, disfranchised wingnutism, or simply a wake-up to the truth that Bush and his policies are complete and utter failures? I pick “all of the above”.

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