Reagan Beats Out Obama… on Taxing the Rich

Republicans are distorting the facts, and we need to set the record straight: Obama’s budget asks far less of the rich than President Reagan or Nixon did.

The budget cuts taxes for 95% of working Americans who are struggling to make ends meet. And to pay for the investments we desperately need to get our economy moving again, it closes tax loopholes for big corporations and rolls back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

Pass this chart on to your friends, so everyone knows the facts.

Right-Wing Speak: "Criminal Profiling"

As we all know, the radical right have their own “language”. A language grounded in ignorance, bigotry, hate, and down-right stupidity. Over the last few years the fringe right have desperately tried to insert their lexicon into mainstream America. For example, we’ve heard their excessive and despicable use of “homicide bomber” , “death tax”, “feminazis”, “activist judges”, and my all time favorite, “liberal media”.

So , while I was running some errands today I was surfing through the channels on Sirius radio in my car. This time of day is typically the normal time slot for O’Reilly’s hate-fest so I tuned into Faux Radio (Sirius 145) to see what new “enemy” the right-wingers were attacking. O’Reilly was not on air and in his place was some wanna-be, second tier hate jock named Phil Valentine. As I tuned in, Valentine was on some bigoted, racist rant on the topic of racial profiling when he introduced a term that I have never heard before. In lieu of using the widely accepted “racial profiling”, he proceeded to call it “criminal profiling”.

I chuckled in disbelief for a second, but I thought to myself, how could anyone call it “criminal” profiling unless the person in question is proven guilty? To be precise, right-wingers actually want the targeting of individuals that they believe are criminals, however, the targeted individual has yet to be found guilty of ANYTHING! How typical and expected of the right-wing to believe in guilt before innocence. And of course, the blood thirsty Kool-Aide drinking listeners were in lobotomy-like agreement.

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